About us

The internet has transformed the world and the music industry as we know it and Nepal is at its most inclusive era of music because of it. Keeping this in mind, Tuborg proudly announces Tuborg Open sessions, a YouTube series featuring live studio-recorded performances by various artists, established and emerging. From old classics to current fan favourites to up and coming talents, the digital platform will welcome to share their creativity, collaborate with each other and experiment and mix various genres.

The underlying concept behind the Tuborg Open Sessions can be accredited to Tuborg’s successful innovative international musical campaign Tuborg Open, which has established itself as an ultimate collaboration platform for music and culture. Already in its second year, Tuborg Open this time has brought Diplo and MØ together exploring musical influences and creating new collaboration tracks with artists from around the world. Recently the pair collaborated with Nepalese artists as well.

Tuborg has a long and proud heritage with music, helping introduce new genres and artists to new markets. With Tuborg Open Sessions, the brand is hoping to set new trends in terms of musical collaboration in Nepal by breathing new life to old classics and paving a path for upcoming artists.